City break

Dijon, the region’s capital, possesses exceptional riches: the many monuments in its completely preserved and largely pedestrianised city centre remind us that it was, under the reign of the Dukes of Burgundy, the capital of a state that united Flanders and Burgundy.

Also visit: the Palace of the Dukes and States of Burgundy, its numerous museums (Archaeology, Burgundy Life, Magnin, Rude etc) and the Cathedral of Saint-Benigne (pre-Romanesque crypt), the Church of Notre-Dame and the Jacquemart clock with its animated figures, the Church of Saint-Michel, the rich mansions and old houses, the Carthusian Monastery of Champmol and the famous Well of Moses (Claus Sluter), and the market. Galleries and contemporary art exhibition venues: the Consortium, the Bains du Nord (regional contemporary art collection), the Museum of Fine Arts.